Brewery Registration

We are exited to announce September 10, 2022 as the date for this year’s TCBI.

High Gravity Fermentations is purchasing two 1/6 kegs or one 1/2Bbl of a one-off (specialty) beer furnished for this event. It is requested that the beers provided for Tulsa Craft Beer Invitational be either one-offs for this event, or at least a rarer seasonal offering that is not regularly available in your taproom or in distribution. Breweries must be Oklahoma-based. Breweries are also encouraged to bring any other beers offering they would like to show off.

TCBI is registered with a charity event license which allows us to buy directly from the brewery’s Taproom, eliminating the need to go through distributors.

Right now we are getting initial confirmation of your brewery’s interest in participating.

As we get closer to the date we will confirm the beer you are bringing, pourers, etc…